Join us for Peach Day – peach pie, sangria, ice cream and more!

Join us for Peach Day – peach pie, sangria, ice cream and more!

Everything’s Peachy at Peach Day!

Several years ago, Edible Philly ran a feature article on Scholl Orchards’ peaches, bestowing the family’s precious fruit with the title of “The Perfect Peach.”

Growing peaches in the Northeast is no small feat. And whether you patronize Scholl Orchards or Phillips Farm, there’s one thing we can guarantee – a whole lotta love (and blood sweat and tears) went into growing those sweet, juicy peaches. From battling bugs and humidity, to meticulous pruning and protecting delicate blossoms from deadly spring frosts, to weathering summer storms; it’s a sweet moment when farmers make it to the finish line and experience the gratification of picking the perfect peaches to bring to market.

We hope you enjoy one of summer’s finest fruits this Saturday – whether you eat it with the juice dripping down your chin, baked in a pie, tossed is a salad, churned into ice cream or dazzling in Sangria. Any way you slice it, it’ll be delicious. I think Anne Gerr of Pie+Tart said it best… “Peaches are versatile but ephemeral; like avocados, they are perfect for mere seconds…but what perfection!”

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