Bakery & Confection

Doughnut Love

Doughnut Love is the creation of Susan Ott, with plenty of help and encouragement from her husband, John, and their six kids! In 2017, while teaching a yearlong baking class, Susan began experimenting with homemade doughnuts. Tired of the same old cake doughnuts whose different “flavors” just meant different toppings, she knew she could make truly unique creations by each flavor being a completely different batter! As she started adding spices, fruits, candies, and more into each one, she knew she had created something special. Doughnut Love’s mission is to share the love of good, quality food in doughnut form with everyone they meet. Everyone deserves a treat, and everyone deserves some love!

Bethlehem, PA .18018

Flour Shop Bakery (Winter Market & Regular Season Vendor)

Chef Michael Corrigan began what grew to be The Flour Shop Bakery, as a stand at the Emmaus Farmers’ Market in 2004, with rustic artisanal breads, French and Danish pastries, cookies, savory pastries, salads and soups. Their precept of utilizing fresh, local ingredients from local farmers’ markets, for the farmers’ markets where they sell their products, has grown and now The Flour Shop proudly has their own mini-farm in Bethlehem with beautiful chickens, fresh heirloom vegetables and herbs.  This fresh and local bounty is used in their baked goods, soups and panini. Like their pastries, Flour Shop’s rustic, hand-formed breads are made from organic flour and most are sourdoughs, bloomed from natural yeast in the air, making them a truly local food loaded with prebiotics and flavor!

 2980 Linden St #1, Bethlehem, PA 18017

Stone Oven at Apple Ridge Farm  (Winter Market & Regular Season Vendor)

After a trip to Northern California in 2006, the Brunos knew what their little farm was missing — a wood-fired brick oven! Owner, Brian Bruno says, “Our bakery is just the way we like it, small and plain. If it wasn’t for the modern mixer you’d think you were stepping into a European bakery from the 1800’s.” Apple Ridge bakes in a 4’x6′ wood-fired brick oven and specializes in naturally leavened sourdough breads. Their breads are simple, all based on three main ingredients: flour, water, and sea salt. They use organic flour along with ingredients grown on the farm such as garlic, potatoes, and onions. Apple Ridge also offers Bavarian pretzels, cookies, croissants, pastries, granola and dog biscuits.


1198 Pennel Road
Saylorsburg, PA 18353

Tomblers Home Bakery

For over 25 years Tomblers Home Bakery has been making the best in quality baked goods in Easton PA. They specialize in savory pasties with an incredible light, flaky crust and offer an array of fresh-fruit pies, cookies, shortbread, Welsh tea cakes and shoo-fly pie. “We use only ‘scratch-bake’ methods and never use preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our customers can rest assured that baked goods from TOMBLERS are the best available!” – Karen & Skip

1350 Industrial Drive
Easton, PA 18042