Art & Crafts

Fine art and crafts are an important part of EFM’s mission — supporting local artists and craftsmen.  Art and crafts vendors include:

Be Love Succulents 

What started out as an interest, became a hobby/obsession for Rhonda Welz and is now a small entrepreneurship. She brings her unique succulent arrangements to EFM using re-purposed items as planters. Succulents are low maintenance and add a variety of looks to a container garden and Rhonda’s unique containers will make a beautiful addition to your home or for a special gift.


Stewartsville, NJ 08886


Heart Beet Studios 

Artist Emma Rimi’s work reflects environments and snippets of real life experiences isolated on a white clay body. The imagery she draws on pots are small scenes and day dreams of personal growth moments. Emma says, “I love the feelings that manifest out of comfortable situations, uncomfortable environments, and vice-versa. I enjoy taking those encounters out of context, analyzing each circumstance, and illustrating them on my wares.”

47 Kinnaman Ave
Washington NJ 078826


Mud & Maker 

Stephanie Premich blends multiple techniques and mediums into handcrafted and original one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery.  Living and working in rural Pennsylvania, she is inspired by her natural surroundings and people she meets – many pieces include elements of playful design, blending a colorful rustic aesthetic with just the right amount of snarky wit. “We believe each day is unique – just like every piece of pottery we make.

6 South Centre Street
Pottsville PA 17901

Neil’s Sharpening Service

Neil Jacob says, “I am in the business of sharpening,” so when you need to ‘get sharp’ Neil’s your guy!  Bring your knives, scissors, garden loppers, garden shears, rotary lawn mower blades, reel mower blades, hair clippers, animal clippers, axes & hatchets, planes, drill bits, circular saw blades, chain saw chains (and the list goes on) to EFM.  Check out Neil’s website for more information on pricing and services.

411 Church Street
Ambler PA  19002

The Pretty Everything 

The Pretty Everything, which includes the Pretty Masks, was created by a mother and daughter in Bucks County Pennsylvania. The Pretty Everything is a collection of handmade items for home and gifting. Home textiles such as napkins, tablecloths, aprons and more beautiful items for those who love to entertain. The Pretty Everything uses vintage fabrics and upcycled and sustainable items, so each item is unique and collectible.

All masks are 100% cotton, dual layer, with a filter pocket and adjustable elastic. Everything is designed and made in our studios in Bucks County. Shop small!

Up Cycle Candles

Up Cycle Candles are 100% Soy Wax candles made with Cotton Wicks and Fragrance / Essential Oils. Our vessels are “upcycled” items from local thrift stores and estate sales and we use green cleaning products through every step of our process. We also have a line of tins and glass jars that can be “upcycled” after use. Each candle is infused with dried flowers from local herb farms.