Art & Crafts

Fine art and crafts are an important part of EFM’s mission — supporting local artists and craftsmen.  Art and crafts vendors include:

Allerton Creek Farm Sharpening & Woodcraft

A small knife, scissor & tool sharpening service in Annandale, NJ. Custom cutting & charcuterie boards, restorations & more!




Daughter of the Charm 

Inspired by a dress, my mother made for my doll, I started sewing at four years old. When I was in art school, I made and sold mini skirts on Haight Street in San Francisco, in the 1960’s. After winning a Tiffany foundation fellowship to apprentice weavers in New Mexico, I began making and selling at craft shows there. I design and sewed children’s clothing when my kids were growing up. For the last 25 years, I’ve been sewing vintage inspired kitchen fashion and accessories, and selling at bakeries, restaurants, farmers market and other craft events.

Products include: Aprons for all ages and genders, potholders, cast-iron handle covers, placemats, bowl cozies, bread and produce bags, purses and market bags, baby and adult bibs.

Bartonsville, PA

Earthen Goat 

While navigating career shifts and life events in 2019, Kevin Blonski began to revisit his love for ceramics. He pitched the idea of a pottery business to his partner Sam Levisay, and they began to brainstorm. Since they both have a passion for plants (with countless houseplants in their apartment), it was only natural to gravitate towards plants and pottery – the perfect pairing.

In August 2020, after many, many months of work, planning, and thought that Earthen Goat was officially established. Since then they have worked with a variety of other Lehigh Valley based companies and creators and they continue to grow as artists and as a business. All of their pottery is handmade and kiln fired in Easton, PA. 

Easton, PA

Easton Candle Co.

ECCo started in 2016 as a passion project! Not overwhelmingly strong or sweet, Rachel set out to craft a candle she could burn without overpowering or offending guests… enough scent to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere! All Easton Candle Co. candles are (1) is safe for humans, pets, and the environment and (2) smell amazing!



Joint Goods

Joint Goods is where all Martina Calluori’s interests can Join Together. This project started in West Chester, PA, where she was living before the pandemic started. After a few months alone in her apartment, she made the decision to move back to the Lehigh Valley where her business has had the room to grow. You can find a wide selection of her products – from candles, to blankets, to hats, to incense (think cozy!) at many shops in the PA + NJ area.

Kashmir and Ewe

Katwise inspired cashmere and wool up cycled . Rescued cashmere and wool, repurposed and redesigned!
+1 908-370-8882

Mayamam Weavers

Mayamam Weavers is a fair trade women’s weaving cooperative in the western highlands of Guatemala. They create handwoven home goods and accessories for modern living, inspired by the rich colors and patterns and traditional weaving techniques of Mayan culture. As well as beautiful, our products are soft 100% cotton, and durable enough for everyday use. Excited to be at the Easton holiday market, we will have beautifully loomed placemats, napkins, table runners along with kitchen linens like towels, pot holders and aprons. New this year we have our Zero Waste Collection complete, Bowl Covers in two sizes, Bread Bags and Utensil Holders. If you’re looking for gift inspiration, we have wine bags for host gifts, travel bags and windowpane weave wraps in new colors this year.


The Sharing Foundation 

The Sharing Foundation’s mission is to help meet the physical, emotional, educational and medical needs of orphaned and seriously disadvantaged children in Cambodia. The Sewing Center also makes hundreds of crafts, mostly women’s handbags, which are then brought to the USA and sold by volunteers at church fairs and the like, thus making this program self-sustaining.  The seamstresses are paid a fair wage and a per piece stipend and are able to stay in their home village of Roteang to help meet the needs of their families.  

All funds generated from the sale of merchandise are returned to the organization, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.


UrbanBohoChic is authentic, handmade jewelry designed for the Free Spirit. Inspired by West African designs and the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic, artist Terry Fasano creates jewelry leaving you free to express who you are and not who the world thinks you should be. While hammering and soldering at her bench, she envisions the amazing women who wear her designs and designs with them in mind. This challenges her to keep it real, yet bold and unique. “I hope that every person who wears UrbanBohoChic feels the passion with which I make each piece.”


Allentown, PA