Specialty Foods & Beverages


Fieldstone Coffee Roasters and Tea

Fieldstone Coffee Roasters and Tea is a small batch roastery, located in western New Jersey among the rolling hills of beautiful Hunterdon County and includes a roasting house, a cupping room, an education room, and a small farm. Kevin and Kristina offer their fresh-roasted, organic fair trade, single origin coffees and the specially created Easton Farmers’ Market Custom Blend 1752 and other custom curated specialty coffees and teas. 

ONLINE ORDERING:  https://fieldstonecoffeeroasters.com/  Use code: “Easton” to drop your shipping charges

Milford, NJ 08848

Jersey Pickles

A family business that is dedicated to the production and fermentation of vegetables.  Pickles are a traditional side to every meal, whether it’s a panini or a burger or, of course, on a hot dog!  The Morales family continues this American tradition by introducing new flavors and tastes to local farmers markets.  Stop by their tent at EFM and say ‘hi’ to Eric and the Jersey Pickles team.

ORDER ONLINE:  www.jerseypickles/shop and pick up at EFM on Satrudays 9am – 1 pm

314 Queen Anne Rd.
 Teaneck, NJ 07666

PorTch Tea

PorTch Tea is a small family farm fermentory in the village of Vera Cruz, Pennsylvania, where the DeVault family grows tea, yerba maté, herbs, fruit, and flowers. Don’s kombucha is the best expression of the reason why they have chosen this life. The screened porch, which Farmer George has always referred to as the p-o-r-T-c-h, is the calm center of the whirlwind of activity in the greenhouses and fields. With the ceiling fan running and the shade of the Virginia Creeper on the southern exposure, this space invites a moment’s rest, affords a moment’s reflection, and delivers a sense of deserving.  And so does PorTch Tea!

3502 Main Road
East Emmaus PA 18049