Advisory Council

Easton Market District Advisory Council (EMDAC)

The Easton Market District Advisory Council (EMDAC) serves as an advisory council for the Easton Market District (EMD) that includes the Easton Farmers’ Market (EFM) and the Easton Public Market (EPM). Both the EFM and the EPM are subsidiaries of the Greater Easton Development Partnership (GEDP), a 501c3 registered non-profit.

Purpose of the EMDAC is to:

  • Support market management and provide oversight in the operations of the EMD.
  • Serve as advisors in interpreting and implementing EFM By-Laws and the EPM Tenant Handbook.
  • Review EFM vendor applications prior to each season and vote on each applicant. A majority vote is required to accept new vendors. The council may employ an independent agricultural consultant to perform farm inspections and make recommendations to the council concerning EFM applicants’ agricultural practices.
  • Review EPM tenant lease renewal applications and make recommendations to the GEDP.
  • Revise and approve the EFM By-laws as necessary. Changes require a majority vote for adoption.
  • Review the EPM Tenant Handbook as necessary and make recommendations for revision to the GEDP.
  • Review and update the EFM and EPM Mission Statements.
  • Serve as ambassadors for the EFM and EPM to the community.


Community Representatives

Erik Boissonneault
Amy Fritch
Martha Maier
Patti Price
Steve Schmid

GEDP Representative

Theresa Hogan, Esq.

Vendor Representatives

Ben Scholl – Scholl Orchards

Non-Voting Members

Joe Gill, City of Easton Health Administrator
Megan McBride, Market District Director