E-Update November 7, 2020

E-Update November 7, 2020

Shopping Local Year Round

This time of year we typically see market attendance begin to wane, and this season is no exception. Many people associate farmers’ markets strictly with summertime – seeking out the market superstars like strawberries, peaches and sweet corn. There’s no question, summer’s bounty is pretty spectacular. But fall, and even winter, bring their own unique gifts. Eating with the seasons teaches us patience and gratitude and keeps us feeling connected to the earth – and aware of the challenges faced by those who grow our food. It teaches us empathy. And from a culinary perspective it pushes us out of our comfort zone, making us more creative with our cooking. So this year we challenge you to keep on keepin’ on, and support local farmers, makers, and bakers all year long. You may be surprised at what you learn and discover along the way.

This Saturday’s forecast: Sunny and 69 degrees with great music, happy people and the best food around.

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