The Farmer is IN!!

FARMING FUNGI – Thanks to our good friend, Sophia Feller who recently shared the Winter 2016 issue of GROW, the magazine of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, we saw the cover story about EFM vendors Matt Sicher and Jesse Tobin of Primordia Mushroom Farm.

Here is an excerpt from the article:  Matt Sicher and Jesse Tobin who founded Primordia Farm in 2012, and with the help of friends and family designed and built their house and the other structures. Berks County natives, they met in fifth grade and began dating in their teens. Foraging for wild foods and herbs has always been a shared passion, the woods a common date destination, and the pair also worked at several local farms and orchards while in college. Today Sicher and Tobin are raising two sons, Elijah and Asa while working together to make the farm a sustainable business.

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